Have a Fun Weekend


What are your plans for the weekend? Tomorrow New York is going to be 82 degrees, so we’re planning to take the boys to Rockaway Beach. Cannot wait to feel the cool water on our feet. Hope you have a good one, and if you’re in a blog-reading mood, here are a few links from around the web…

I’d love to carry this all summer.

What 20 celebrities would look like with ’90s brows.

My (other) weekend plans.

I got pulled over for driving while black.”

What a cool green apartment.

Let’s all stop apologizing for the delayed response in our emails.

Math problems for English majors. “If Elizabeth Bennet’s house is ten miles away from Mr. Darcy’s house, how far will her mother go to arrange a suitable marriage?”

Follow these two steps to pasta perfection.

The sweetest comic drawn by a daughter for her mother.

Use this trick to figure out if you smell. And then do this.

Conversations with my iPhone. (“Why do you always assume I’m going to Target?”)

Plus, two great reader comments:

Says on C.J. on hair problem solvers: “Use an old T-shirt to dry your hair, not a towel. A towel roughs up your hair and makes it harder to get smooth hair.”

Says Kate on moving away from home: “The exercise that helped teach me contentment is this: When I am feeling restless or unhappy, I make a list of the things I’d miss if my situation changed. For example, I once started a job I wasn’t sure I wanted, but I felt like I needed to give it a real shot. So I listed all the things I’d miss — big and small — if I ended up switching jobs: the first cup of coffee I’d make while listening to the morning news in the office, the fun committee meetings (!), the awesome work-issued tech, my favorite colleagues. Focusing on those things, knowing they likely wouldn’t last forever (in fact, I ended up moving overseas a year later), worked — before I knew it, I genuinely loved my job.”

(Photo by Ana Kamin/Instagram.)

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